Dress Code

Dress Code Policy

Iao advocates a school environment that encourages individual creativity and student

empowerment. However, the school must foster a safe, secure, and caring learning environment

for all. To achieve our IAO Vision, the school must guide and teach students what is appropriate

attire for different settings such as school, work, and social events. The Iao Dress Code ensures

students are dressed properly for the school setting, which will help them to become productive

and responsible citizens. All students are expected to exemplify proper attire that projects a

positive image for the student and school. Additional Iao School Shirts can be purchased from:

• Automatic T-shirt Printing, 207 E. Wakea Avenue, ph. # 808-877-4478 or

• Royal HI Shirt Works, 1733 Wili Pa Loop, ph. # 808-242-5888

Dress Code Policies

• Iao School Shirt must be worn at all times. Students may also wear Iao School gear from

clubs, teams, and other vendors.

• Student ID must be worn and visible on the outside of clothing at all times during the school

day and during any school DOE sanctioned event or activity. Iao School will provide a

lanyard or clip.

• A long sleeve jacket or hooded sweatshirt may be worn over an Iao shirt. Hoods may not

be worn on heads.

• Footwear must be worn at all times - no bare feet.

• Skirts and shorts shall be worn at an appropriate/acceptable length for sitting as well as

standing. Skirts and shorts should be no shorter than your fingertips when arms are

extended downward to the sides. No exposed skin through garments.

• Iao Shirts may NOT be modified (ripped, drawn on, cut, or altered in any way, etc.).

Clothing and Accessories NOT ALLOWED

Bandannas, do-rags or nylon stockings worn as headwear.

NO long sleeve t-shirts, flannels, or layering shirts over school uniforms.

Headwear such as hats, caps, dome caps, scarves and visors are NOT allowed.

Dress/fashion which include words, logos or photos containing drugs, alcohol, tobacco,

profanity, gang identification, bigotry, violence, or sexual connotations.


Special circumstances or exceptions for religious or medical reasons will be addressed on an

individual basis by the Administration.


All students are expected to adhere to Iao’s Dress Code Policy before, during, and after school. All

Iao faculty and staff will monitor and enforce the dress code policy.

Consequences for students who do not comply with the dress code policy are as follows:

Dress Code Violations

Upon dress code referral, any student deemed by an Administrator or Staff Member to be in

violation of the Iao Dress Code Policy will not be allowed to attend classes until dressed

appropriately. Referred student will be directed to change into a “loaner” shirt at the Readiness

Room before returning to class. Students must return loaned shirt the same day. An outstanding

obligation of $5.00 will be assigned for shirts not returned. Students with inappropriate bottoms

must be brought appropriate attire from home before being permitted to attend class.

Subsequent Violations

Disciplinary action may be taken for multiple violations of the Iao Dress Code Policy as a Chapter

19, Class “C” offense for insubordination.

1st Offense:

• Student will make a phone call home and serve lunch detention.

2nd Offense:

• Student will serve a 1-hour detention after school and a letter will be sent home.

3rd Offense:

• Students will be placed in the Behavior Improvement Class for 1 day.

4th Offense:

• Students will remain in the front office until parent/guardian(s) brings a Iao School uniform.