Iao School Renaissance Foundation

Renaissance Board Members 2022-23

Questions? Please email: IaoRFoundation@gmail.com 

 Lisa Toyomura - Secretary

 Kacie Watanabe - Treasurer

 Edward Garcia - Board Member

 Lynette Zakabi - Board Member

Ginifer Nania - Board Member

Stacia Haban - Board Member

Trisha Roy - Board Member

Jessica Zaikoski - Board Member

Matt Dillon- Non-Voting Member


Renaissance Program:


Renaissance was developed in 1984 by Larry Biddle at Conway High School in South Carolina and has been implemented in over 1,800 schools across the nation. Renaissance is a partnership between business and education which brings ideas and people together to find ways for our children to experience the true joy of learning and to recognize educators as dedicated and valued professionals.

Results have been positive and many schools report improvements in school climate, attendance, student discipline, as well as a reduction of juvenile crimes in school and community. Renaissance is not so much a program as it is an attitude to excel, to do well in school, and to have pride in one's overall accomplishments.


The mission of the Iao Intermediate School Renaissance Educational Foundation is to help the school promote and achieve academic excellence, in effect, to create a renaissance in education.

"The purpose of the academic program is to equip our students with knowledge, skills, attitudes and values they need to give responsible direction to their own lives. Education should result in individual self-fulfillment as well as in enabling students to contribute to their community, state and nation. Our goal is to instill pride, to strengthen basic skills and to inspire a positive attitude toward learning and excelling which should carry over into their adult lives. Our students are the future of our community."

Iao School will implement the concepts of Renaissance to promote academic excellence in our students. The school will focus on four major areas to begin the process of self-improvement:

Goal 1 To have students improve their Mark Point Averages (MPAs)

Goal 2 To improve school attendance to 95%

Goal 3 To reduce disciplinary referrals by 15%

Goal 4 To promote community service of our students

Iao School Renaissance is committed to recognizing further academic excellence for the 2017-2018 school year. This will be done by raising the expectations for ourselves and for our students and by providing awards for those achieving higher levels of performance.

This "renaissance" will be realized by taking a business approach to improve academic performance. American businesses and our free market system have proven to the world that people who are motivated perform and take great pride in the development of their skills.

Partners in Excellence is a partnership between the business community and Iao School to recognize students for their academic accomplishments by providing positive tangible incentives to encourage students to reach for greater levels of academic achievement.

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For more information about the program please visit their website at  https://www.iaorenaissance.com/.