UPLINK and Project Venture

Adolescent learners benefit from structured, safe and interactive experiences after the school day. UPLINK and Project Venture are free after-school activities available for the students of Iao School. Please see information below. I

UPLINK: Uniting Peer Learning, Integrating New Knowledge (UPLINK) provides an after-school program for middle-school aged children in support of the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)​ federal grant. The activity-based program aims to proactively prevent students in grades 6, 7, and 8 from engaging in risky behaviors during the after-school hours, including teen pregnancy, remediation and dropping out. Optional program offerings include cooking, gardening, music, dance, seasonal sports, crafts, math club, science club, multimedia and computer activities with an emphasis on character-building and good decision-making, as well as homework assistance and tutoring.

Project Venture: This is an free outdoor experiential education program that focuses on engagement with nature, connection to community service, skill development for personal growth, and cultural activities and teachings. Youth will be able to attend one day a week (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) and we provide transportation from Iao Intermediate to our activity site for the day and then drop-offs at home when the day ends (usually around 5:30pm).

Project Venture Brochure.pdf