Infinite Campus

Aloha parents and guardians of Iao School students.

Below are the instructions for you to get access to Infinite Campus to view your students grades. If you do not have an account please send email to: Iao Infinite Campus Portal Manager, you will be emailed your activation key if you do not already have one. IMPORTANT: You need to be the parent/guardian of record to receive this information.

Those of you that already have one may continue to use your old account.

Iao Parent and Student Portal

Portal Access Information

As previously announced,, the Hawaii State Department of Education student information system, Infinite Campus, will provide parents with the ability to view their secondary school child(ren)’s academic information through the Infinite Campus Portal. This provides you with the process you will need to log in and access information about your child(ren).

Logging into this web-based system will permit you to view the following real-time information about your child:

● Attendance

● Grades

● Class Schedules

● Assignments

The Portal will also contain a messaging function to help you communicate with your children’s teachers. The Portal will provide access to information on all of your secondary school children, no matter what school they attend, under one login.

To create a User Name and Password for the Infinite Campus Portal, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to

2. Click on the following link:

New User

3. Enter your Unique Campus Portal Activation Key given to you and click:

4. After clicking on Submit, you will be asked to create a User Name and Password. Please write these down and keep in a secure place.

5. Select a User Name and Password.

a. Enter a User Name. Use an alphanumeric (both letters and numbers) user name.

b. Enter a Password. Use an alphanumeric (both letters and numbers) password. Passwords should be at least 6 characters long. If system preferences have been set to require a strong password, it must meet three of the four qualifications:

● A lower case letter (a, j, r, etc.)

● An upper case letter (A, J, R, etc.)

● A number (3, 7, 1, etc.)

● A symbol (@, %, &, etc.)

6. Re-enter the Password in the Verify Password field.

7. Click the Create Account button.

8. Sign in using your new User Name and Password.

9. You will be prompted with: “You are required to set an account security email.

a. Enter a New Account Security Email.

b. Confirm New Account Security Email by re-entering it

c. Enter Password you created in step 5a

d. Click Save

10. Done

After creating a User Name and Password, in addition to using a web browser, the portal can also be accessed via mobile app for any Apple IOS or Android device. Search for “Infinite Campus Mobile Portal” to download to your mobile device. Once you have downloaded and opened the mobile app, type in Hawaii in the District Name and select Hawaii in the Select a State drop down and click Search. Click on Hawaii Department of Education and then type in the username and password you just created and click Log In.

If you have any questions regarding the Infinite Campus Portal, please contact us at 808 727-5200

or email