Breakfast and Lunch Menus

Breakfast is served daily from 7:00am to 7:40am and during all morning recesses.

Please refer to the Bell Schedule for Lunch times. 

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To add funds to your child's meal account visit EZ SchoolPay.


Iao School ID cards are required for all students to receive school breakfast/lunch. If a student

loses his/her ID card, a replacement must be purchased. ID cards verify a student’s account status

(free, reduced or balance of accounts).

Paying students (full or reduced) may deposit (cash only) into their accounts before classes begin,

during morning recess, and after school in the main office. Applications for free and reduced lunch

are available in the main office and online on the Iao School website.

Students on free or reduced meal status are entitled to one breakfast and lunch per day. Additional

meals must be purchased. Students are encouraged to keep track of their account status. When

negative lunch balances exceed $12.50, lunch will not be provided.

It is highly recommended that all students eat a nutritious lunch. Students are required to attend

lunch during their designated lunchtime. Meal menus (subject to change) will be posted in each

homeroom. School lunch comes with milk. Students are allowed to bring home lunch. Please note

that soda, candy, seeds, and gum are not permitted. Lunch deliveries from outside vendors are

NOT permitted during the school day. No celebratory snacks and desserts are allowed.

Refillable Water Stations

Iao School has two refillable filtered water bottle stations on campus outside the cafeteria in the left and right side hallways. 

Students can re-fill water bottles during passing time, recess and lunch.

Reduced Payment

• Breakfast-Weekly (5 days @ 30¢) $1.50

• Monthly (21 days) $6.30

• Annual (178 days) $53.40

• Lunch-Weekly (5 days @ 40¢) $2.00

• Monthly (21 days) $8.40

• Annual (178 days) $71.20

Full Payment

• Breakfast-Weekly (5 days @$1.10) $5.50 Monthly (21 days) $23.10

• Annual (178 days) $195.80

• Lunch-Weekly (5 days @$2.50) $12.50 Monthly (21 days) $52.50

• Annual (178 days) $445.00

• Second Lunch $5.00